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Vickers Oils

Vickers Oils, trading since1828, are an independent company specialising in the development and manufacture of an extensive range of technical lubricants for the marine and textile industries.

We have worked with Vickers Oils for several years over a number of projects, from brochures to email marketing. We have highlighted three key projects above.

The first, a 6 page brochure aimed at the yachting market, was a targeted brochure promoting the environmental and economical benefits of using Vickers products. The overall feel of the project was to be light, clear and accessible.

The second, a redesign of the Marine Lubricants brochure, was a 14 page brochure downsized from 20 pages. The key challenge was creating a structure to house all the content from the larger brochure, whilst maintaining the legibility of the technical data and establishing a lighter, cleaner look.

The third project was to look at the distribution of the company newsletter. Previously, more than 5000 print copies were posted around the world at great cost. We took a multi staged approach, firstly optimising the database by contacting clients to see if they wished to still receive the newsletter, or would prefer an electronic or print version. We then created and distributed the electronic and print versions, and statistical reports of readership of the issues.